Setting up Wufoo

Do you want to add a Wufoo form to your website? 
Follow the instructions below to add the wufoo form to your website and configure it correctly.

How do I add a Wufoo Form to my website?

  1. Open applications to add a new app to your website
  2. Choose "Wufoo" from the list by clicking on the icon.
  3. Website will update and your new wufoo form will appear on your website.

How do I configure my wufoo form?

  1. At the top of the wufoo content tile, select the "App Config" button
  2. Paste your Wufoo embed code in the "Wufoo Form Embed Code" field.
  3. Format should be an <iframe> that was copied from your wufoo account.

How do I get the Wufoo Form Embed Code?

  1. Login to your wufoo account
  2. Click on "Forms" in the main account menu
  3. Find the form you would like to add to your website in the list
  4. Click "code" under the form title
  5. On the next page, choose "Embed Form Code" option
  6. Copy the Iframe Version
  7. Paste the code into the App Config in the Embed field
  8. You're done!


If you are having problems with the app, please see common problems below:

The form does not show up

  • Make sure you have copy and pasted the correct embed code from the Wufoo website.
  • Make sure that your embed code starts with <iframe.. and ends with </iframe>, if not - your embed code is not complete.
  • There may be a problem with your wufoo account, make sure your account is still active.
  • Try to copy the embed code again from your Wufoo account.

Still having issues?

Send us a support message and we can help solve your problem. 

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