Setting up YouTube

Do you want to add a YouTube video to your website? 
Follow the instructions below to add the youtube video to your website and configure it correctly.

How do I add a YouTube video to my website?

  1. Open applications to add a new app to your website
  2. Choose "YouTube" from the list by clicking on the icon.
  3. Website will update and your new youtube video will appear on your website.

How do I configure my youtube video?

  1. At the top of the youtube content tile, select the "App Config" button
  2. Type your YouTube Video ID in the "Video ID" field.
  3. Format should follow:  nv06ls7edUQ

How do I find my YouTube Video ID?

  1. Go to and find the video you wish to add to your website.
  2. In the browser url address, you will see something like this:
  3. The ID is on the end of the url: nvo6ls7edUQ 


If you are having problems with the app, please see common problems below:

The video holder says "This Video is Private"

  • When you upload a video, the default privacy setting is "Public".  If you have changed this to "Private" you must change the settings for your website to display it correctly.
  • In your videos, find the video you would like to change
  • Click the "EDIT" button
  • In the "Privacy Settings" drop-down menu, select Public
  • Click "Save changes"

The video holder shows a copyright error

  • This video has been flagged as breaching copyright.  This is done by YouTube and cannot be fixed through our application.
  • Contact YouTube support or add a different video to the app config settings.

Still having issues?

Send us a support message and we can help solve your problem. 

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