Google Maps

Setting up Google Maps

Do you want to add a google map to your website?
Follow the instructions below to add the google map to your website and configure it correctly.

How do I add a google map to my website?

  1. Open applications to add a new app to your website
  2. Choose "Google Map" from the list by clicking on the icon.
  3. Website will update and your new map will appear on your website.

How do I configure my google map?

  1. At the top of the map, select the "App Config" button
  2. Type your address in the "ADDRESS" field.
  3. Format should follow:  Street Address, City State Zipcode


If you are having problems with the google map app, please see common problems below:

Map does not show the correct location

  • Have you configured the app?  Click on "App Config" at the top of the map, and insert your address into the ADDRESS field.
  • Have you formatted your address correctly?  Street address, City State Zipcode
  • Have you checked for spelling errors?

Map will not load inside the builder

  • If map is not loading, please refresh your browser and see if it loads again.
  • Have you added several maps? Adding multiple maps can slow down your site performance, a delay may occur. Please wait a few moments to see if it loads.

Still having issues?

Send us a support message and we can help solve your problem. 

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